How to Create a Hacker’s Swiss Army Knife w/Parrot

[30 minutes] I will be giving a live demo of several Parrot Linux use cases.

Parrot is a GNU/Linux OS specializing in:

  • Security (custom hardened kernel)
  • Anonymity (tor, i2p, veracrypt, LUKS)
  • Pentesting (OSINT, vuln analysis, exploitation, forensic analysis, etc).

Parrot Linux was selected by for the best linux distro of 2017. (

The main topic for this presentation is a live demo on how to install parrot onto a dvd & usb (LUKS Encrypted Persistence storage). Parrot can run live on memory from a live dvd or usb, no hard drive needed.

If there is time available, I will also cover:

I will explain GNUPG fundamentals, and its importance. Then I will demonstrate:

  • How create a gpg key
  • How to encrypt then decrypt a file
  • How to configure a hardened gpg.conf file.

I will explain the importance of anonymity software in the modern internet ecosystem. I will then demonstrate:

  • How to use tor to protect yourself & your identity access the clearnet, and the darknet.
  • How to use i2p to securely & anonymously communicate with eepsites.
  • How to remove metadata

Finally, I will provide a brief overview on the pentesting tools offered by Parrot Linux. Parrot Linux offers hundreds of pentesting tools. For legal reasons I will only explain the tools use and where to find more information on them.

My goal for this presentation is to give a talk which provides to the audience a useful skill which they can walk away with.

I will give away a few preinstalled live disks & usbs to individuals most interested in the subject.

I will also pass out linux cheatsheets, as well as a list of commands used so the audience can replicate the steps I performed in the presentation.

I have been using parrot for 3 years, and volunteering within the community for 5 months now. I have written for the parrot wiki:

  • (
  • (original:
  • (Parrot OS demo: