CornCon 2016 Speakers

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Eric Andresen, IT Security Manager at SSAB Americas
Speaker Bio:

During Eric Andresen’s 27 year career in the IT Industry he has deployed communication networks in six countries, worked in a variety of management roles within project management, critical infrastructure, and operations. The last 21 years have been spent in the industrial environment where his positions have included enterprise server management, data networks and voice communication networks. Currently, Eric is the IT Information Security manager for a global Steel Manufacture. Eric is part of a global team that shapes his companies international policies and programs.

Eric is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts where he was inducted into Alpha Sigma Lambda and earned a certification in Security Management and Homeland Security. Eric’s also holds many IT certifications from HP, CompTIA, and Microsoft and is currently completing a degree program in Information Technology and Criminal Justice. Eric is a member of the Chicago InfraGard Chapter and founding member of the Quad Cities Cybersecurity Alliance where he volunteers.

Presentation Title:

Securing Control Systems

Presentation Abstract:

During my 45 minute talk I plan to present information on Challenges, tools and resources any organization can use to establish their current security profile and develop a continuous improvement program in the area of Cyber Security. While the focus will be on industrial control systems these tools and resources can be used in any organization.

John Bumgarner, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit
Speaker Bio: John Bumgarner is a former U.S Marine and U.S. Army Special Operations soldier. During his military career, he conducted a wide range of military and intelligence missions throughout the world. He has received formal training in diverse areas, including computer forensic techniques, intelligence analysis and long-range reconnaissance operations.

In his civilian career, he holds several private sector certifications include CISSP, GIAC (Gold), and duel Masters degrees in Information Systems Management and Security Management.

Bumgarner has regularly served as an expert source and commentator for numerous national and international news organizations, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Business Week, the Los Angeles Times, Reuters, The Economist, the Indian Times, and The Guardian, as well as numerous specialty and trade publications. He has appeared on NBC, CNN and the BBC, and has been heard on CBC/Radio-Canada, BBC Radio Northern Ireland and Federal News Radio in the United States. He is featured in the International Spy Museum’s “Weapons of Mass Disruption” cyber warfare exhibit in Washington, D.C.

His articles have appeared in the journal of the Information System Security Association, the Homeland Security Journal, the Information Operations Journal, the Counter Terrorist magazine, the Asia-Pacific Defense Forum, the National Defense Digest of Taiwan, and other leading security publications.

John has spoken at many conferences, including the Network Centric Warfare conference in Brussels, the Cyber Defense conference in Denmark, the Cyber Conflict Policy and Legal conference in Estonia, the World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit in Ireland, the Cyber Warfare conference in London and the In-Q-Tel CEO Summit in the United States.

He has been a guest lecturer at the Fletcher School, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Naval Postgraduate School and the Royal United Service Institute (RUSI).

Specialties: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP),
GIAC Certified Advance Incident Handling Analyst (GCIH),
NSA InfoSec Assessment Methodology (IAM) Certified,
NSA InfoSec Evaluation Methodology (IEM) Certified,
System Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)

Presentation Title: Computers as Weapons of War

Presentation Abstract:
The serendipitous discovery of Stuxnet unveiled the hidden world of cyber weapons, which were being used by the United States for cybertage and espionage operations against other nations. The recent dump by The Shadow Brokers of National Security Agency’s tools confirmed that cyber weapons are actively being developed and deployed.

This presentation will:

  • Explore the history of cyber-weaponry development
  • Define the types of cyber-weaponry
  • Review the use of cyber-weaponry in past conflicts
  • Outline the use of cyber-weaponry in future conflicts

Michael Daugherty, Author, Founder, President & CEO of LabMD
Speaker Bio:
Michael J Daugherty is Founder, President & CEO of LabMD, a cancer detection laboratory based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is the author of the book “The Devil Inside the Beltway, The Shocking Expose of the US Government’s Surveillance and Overreach into Cybersecurity, Medicine and Small Business”.

He holds a BA in Economics from University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Before founding LabMD Mike spent 18 years at US Surgical and Mentor. He regularly blogs at MichaelJDaugherty.com and sits on the boards of Snoopwall, a cyber privacy company in Nashua, New Hampshire, The Private Bank of Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia, and writes for CyberDefense Magazine. He is a private pilot and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Presentation Title:
The Enemy Inside The Beltway Update on FTC v LabMD

Presentation Abstract: In America today the FTC, FCC and Homeland Security are jousting over who is going to regulate the internet. Michael J. Daugherty will rivet you about his blood in the water battle with the Federal Trade Commission over their relentless investigation into LabMD’s data security practices showing you what they do to those who dare not “go along to get along.” What happens inside the Beltway no longer impacts solely inside America’s borders.

Mike exposes the real time maneuvers of government lawyers and regulators who are accustomed to no one looking. Is their power lust resulting in a less secure world?


Todd Fitzgerald, CISO Grant Thornton International Ltd
Speaker Bio:

Todd Fitzgerald is the Global Director of Information Security for Grant Thornton International, Ltd., providing strategic information security leadership for Grant Thornton member firms supporting 42,000 employees in over 130 countries. Leading large company information security programs for 18 years, Todd is a 2013 Top 50 Information Security Executive , Ponemon Institute Distinguished Fellow, and 2015 runner-up CISO of the Year Award Chicago by AITP, ISSA, and Infragard. He is the author of 3 books (Information Security Governance Simplified: From the Boardroom to the Keyboard, CISO Leadership: Essential Principles for Success (ISC2 Press), and 2014 Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C-CISO) BOK) and a contributor to a dozen others. Todd is a frequent security presenter. . Todd has also earned multiple security and privacy designations including CISSP, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC, CIPP, CIPP/US, CIPP/E, CIPP/C, CIPM, ITILv3f, ISO27000, PMP, and has earned a Masters of Business Administration from Oklahoma State University.

Presentation Title:

Privacy: It Ain't Pretty, but you must get it!

Presentation Abstract:

Information Security Officers and security officers will need to become involved in privacy issues to maintain relevance in the future. This session provides the fundamentals of information privacy and building of a privacy program, touching on US, EU, Canadian, and other global privacy laws to provide a foundation to begin to intelligently discuss the privacy issues.

Jen Fox, Sr. Security Consultant at VioPoint
Speaker Bio:

Jen Fox, CIPT, is a Sr. Security Consultant and governance Practice Lead at VioPoint. Her 20+ years in IT and information security includes training, usability design, business process analysis, risk management, vendor risk management, and security awareness. Specialties include information elicitation and business/technology translation. Jen is a locksport enthusiast and Myers-Briggs nerd. She holds a DEF CON black badge for winning the Social Engineering Capture The Flag (SECTF) competition.

Presentation Title:

Critical Security Controls and Business Context: Finding Your Way Through the Woods

Presentation Abstract:

No matter which control set is used as a basis for your security program, choosing what to implement first can be overwhelming. This presentation explores the process of combining the CIS Critical Security Controls and business context to optimize the organization’s time, effort, and budget while improving its security posture.

Rachel Garrett, Student at Iowa State University
Speaker Bio:

Student at Iowa State University

Presentation Title:
Hacker Farmer Soldier Spy

(Using NIST Cybersecurity Framework for Agriculture)

Presentation Abstract: The American agriculture industry is becoming increasingly reliant on GPS, IoT devices, and other cyber-physical systems to create the nations’ food supply. So far, most discussion of “protecting agriculture” has focused on bioterrorism. However, as more farmers adopt digital agriculture technologies, security of these systems is becoming may actually become critical to America’s national security. In this talk, we will review some of the actors who would like to specifically target industrial-scale agriculture. As well as trends and potential threats, we’ll talk about how the new NIST Cybersecurity Framework for Critical Infrastructure could help the ag industry understand and address them. We will also talk about how some of NIST’s approaches may help elevate and clarify the current conversations around agriculture data privacy.

Jessica Gosnell, Associate Professor at St. Ambrose University
Speaker Bio: Dr. Gosnell regularly teaches Ethics, Applied Ethics and Conflict Analysis at St. Ambrose University. She is a certified mediator and board member of Quad City Mediation Services. She has particular interest in justice and peace issues. Her classes are oriented around providing practical applications of theoretical concepts.

Presentation Title: Kids and the Ethics of Technology * KIDS TRACK ONLY *

Presentation Abstract: Dr. Gosnell will give a keynote presentation on the ethics of using technology. She will introduce the children to the ethical uses of technology and how hacking is a power, like The Force, that one must use for good and not go over to The Dark Side.
Beth Jones, enSilo’s Sr. Customer Forensics
Speaker Bio: Beth manages customer forensics and investigation at enSilo. In her role, Beth breaks apart advanced threats prevented by enSilo’s platform at customers, partners and prospects.

Prior to joining enSilo, Beth worked at SophosLab, analyzing suspicious malware threats and potentially unwanted applications. She has also held a variety of information technology and network security roles at various voice and data service companies.

Beth insights on the latest security threats and best practices have appeared in both business and industry press, including USA Today, The New York Times, SC Magazine, Dark Reading and dozens more.

Presentation Title: Captain Hook: Pirating AVs to Bypass Exploit Mitigations **NEW EXPLOIT**

Presentation Abstract: Put a low-level security researcher in front of hooking mechanisms and you get industry-wide vulnerability notifications, affecting security tools such as Anti-Virus, Anti-Exploitations and DLP, as well as non-security applications such as gaming and productivity tools.

In this talk we reveal six(!) different security issues that we uncovered in various hooking engines. The vulnerabilities we found enable a threat actor to bypass the security measures of the underlying operating system. As we uncovered the vulnerabilities one-by-one we found them to impact commercial engines, open source engines such as EasyHook and proprietary engines such as those belonging to TrendMicro, Symantec, Kaspersky and about twenty others.

We’ll also demonstrate how security tools can be used as an intrusion channel for threat actors, ironically defeating security measures.


Carlos F. Lerma, Senior Information Security Architect at Beam Suntory Inc
Speaker Bio:

Carlos F. Lerma is a Senior Information Security Architect at Beam Suntory Inc, based in Deerfield, IL. He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas (Ciudad Victoria, Mexico) and a Master of Science in Telecommunications and Network Management from Syracuse University. His research interests are cyber intelligence systems, threat management, SIEM systems and the use of strategic intelligence in information security management. The rest of his spare time is spent playing baseball and beer-league softball, serving as lead singer for the now-defunct metal cover band "The Fat Vampires", imbuing in as many craft beers as possible and hating the New York Yankees as well as the New England Patriots.

Presentation Title:

Are you John Connor Material? – An Intro To ICS/SCADA Security

Presentation Abstract:

This presentation will cover the basics of ICS/SCADA Security and strategies to understand and mitigate risk. First, the presentation will define what ICS/SCADA networks are, their basic components and their practical deployment – this phase will look at a common setup of an ICS/SCADA network and current models on how these networks look like in an enterprise. Next, the presentation will move towards the inherent risks introduced when ICS/SCADA networks are deployed. This part will focus on practical cases that illustrate how the technology is applied to a business case, highlighting critical points of failure and vulnerabilities, giving the audience a clear idea of why these networks introduce ad-hoc threats that might not fall within the common type they're accustomed to see in a typical setting. Users will also be introduced to the business process way of thinking so they can focus in the core of the business and not the technology. Finally, the presentation will provide clear ways to mitigate the most basic risks by analyzing simple solutions that users can take for analysis and augmentation. As my presentation for CornCon I was Terminator-themed, this will also have the same motif, as this will be dubbed as a "sequel".

Derek Milroy, IS Security Architect at U.S. Cellular
Speaker Bio:

Derek Milroy is a corporate security professional that has been implementing strategy and solutions in various environments, as both an internal employee and as a consultant, for the past fifteen plus years. He is currently a Security Architect focusing on ensuring that all solutions provided by his team has the proper process in place and are regularly reviewed and optimized. His main areas of focus include Windows Hardening, Vulnerability Management, Log Management/SEIM, and Incident Response. Secondary areas of responsibility include Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Web Application Firewall, File Integrity Monitoring, and Data Loss Prevention. Derek is also a recovering QSA and has experience performing FISMA and ISO assessments as well.

Presentation Title:

Operationalizing Security – Maturing Solution Implementations

Presentation Abstract:

Security tools and technologies are only as good as the processes and procedures that are put in place with them. Installing products and tools is not the same as implementing solutions. This presentation will highlight the differences between product installations vs. solution implementations, as well as discuss the use of ITIL-based methodologies to analyze current implementations, and ways to make them more mature. Often, when people hear the “ITIL” acronym, they cringe and think of endless trees being killed in support of all the documents that will be created. The approach detailed in this presentation is one that minimizes extraneous efforts, which includes tips on making documentation and processes focused and relevant vs. creating documents for the sake of having something to point to during an audit…

CJ Morton,

Technology Architect
Speaker Bio:

16 year IT veteran in a Fortune 100 company. Proponent of all things wearable technology and Internet of Things. Pizza and taco (and therefore, also taco pizza) advocate, technologist, Dad and Hubby.

Presentation Title:

The Internet of Things Disruptor and How It Will Impact Every Facet of Your Life

Presentation Abstract:

I intend to convey an understanding of what the Internet of Things means and to explain how it will effect everyone's life in the near future. It's not the "connected" toothbrush. It's the "smart, connected" tooth brush. It's about devices that can connect, learn, compute and make decisions without human interaction. In short, it's a new world.

Brandon Murphy,

Network Security Analyst, Principal Financial Group and Co-Founder of SecDSM
Speaker Bio:
Brandon Murphy – Brandon is a network security analyst at Principal Financial Group and co-founder of SecDSM. Brandon is joined by Tom Pohl – Tom is vice president of information technology systems at Businessolver. He is responsible for the development and management of Web architecture and production systems. Tom is one of the original developers of the Benefitsolver platform, Businessolver’s proprietary benefits SaaS solution.

Presentation Title:

Cryptocurrency Mining for Dummies

Presentation Abstract: When SecKC came out with a litecoin based cryptocurrency called SecKCoin, several members of SecDSM thought it would be funny to pillage their coin. Armed with absolutely no knowledge about cyrptocurrency, we set out to become economic threat actors. Learn about cryptocurrency in general and the many pitfalls of mining cryptocurrency as taught by two miners that have learned it hard way.

Richard Rushing, CISO Motorola Mobility LLC
Speaker Bio: Mr. Richard Rushing is the Chief Information Security Officer for Motorola Mobility LLC.; Richard participates in several corporate, community, private, and government Security Council’s and working groups setting standards, policies, and solutions to current and emerging security issues. As Chief Information Security Officer for Motorola Mobility, he has led the security effort by developing an international team to tackle the emerging threats of mobile devices, targeted attacks, and cyber-crime. He organized developed and deployed practices, tools and techniques to protect the intellectual property across the worldwide enterprise. A much-in-demand international speaker on information security Richard has presented at many leading security conferences and seminars around the world.

Presentation Title: Mobile Security – The Kobayashi Mary scenario?

Presentation Abstract:

Is the mobile security a winnable scenario in an organization’s. Given the move to BYOD, device lifecycle, and management. Well just like the Star Trek scenario the only way to a successful outcome is to change the scenario. We need to understand what is the weak spots in our individual organization so we can change the scenario.

We will discuss:

  • Mobile OS issues
  • Cellular Networks issues
  • Application Issues
  • Market Place issues
  • Device Issues
  • BYOD Issues
  • Wireless Issues
  • Connected Device Issues

By understanding what you can control what is required to make the scenario successful and what the risks are associated with each. You can win the Kobayashi Maru scenario.


Scott Scheferman, Director of Worldwide Consulting, Cylance Inc.

Speaker Bio:


As Director of Consulting for Cylance, Mr. Scheferman oversees the delivery of Cylance Consulting services ranging from compromise assessments and penetration testing to incident response to ensure timely and effective delivery. He also performs additional roles within Cylance such as public speaking and sharing intelligence with partners.

With over 15 years of information security experience, Mr. Scheferman has performed in multiple roles in both the Federal/DoD and Commercial spaces. Most notable would be the Technical Lead and PM for a DoD agency’s certification authority, where he led a team of 20 cyber risk analysts directing over 800 validators (field security testers) around the globe in performing over 2,000 security assessments per year. In that role Mr. Scheferman also made final risk security determinations on several high profile cloud/SaaS adoption technologies, guiding a tiger team on developing custom security testing criteria, threat analysis, attack use-cases scenarios, and broader cloud- provider vulnerabilities ranging from two-factor/token authentication weaknesses to persistent embedded image data leakage and general backend cryptanalysis.

Mr. Scheferman has also been an embedded security liaison in a multi-billion dollar satellite system working with the NSA and other government and commercial stakeholders, and further acted as the final security risk authority for the satellite’s control system security assessment, to include pre- and post- launch operational security. He was a security boundary architect for a 750,000 node enterprise and the technical lead for a DoD Mobile Thin Client project, as well as the lead security engineer for several other high profile DoD battlefield intelligence systems.

On the commercial side, Mr. Scheferman is a technology entrepreneur, having successfully helped source funding for security startup NTOBJECTives, recently acquired by Rapid7. He also was the product manager for NTOBJECTives’ SPIDER, a successful web application security scanner.
More recently, Mr. Scheferman has performed as a Security Solutions Architect supporting a broad mix of verticals ranging from federal (FBI, NFCA, DHS), law enforcement, research universities, and state/city-level government networks.
He is an active member of the broader security community, actively participating and contributing to conferences and events since the late 90’s.

Presentation Title:

Transhackerism – Leveraging, Breaking, and Protecting Machine Learning and AI

Presentation Abstract:

Based around a recent blog and research done that is best described here:

The preso begins with outlying where we are as an industry, and as a community of experts trying to solve 'the security problem'… looking at the temporal/velocity aspects of this space, the cyber threat intelligence aspects, and resource/expertise aspects…but through a new lens that is now an era of Machine Learning and AI. From there the preso broadens to discuss just how pervasive and powerful AI has already become outside the cyber industry, in order to put into perspective the data-driven world we are living in.

Finally, Transhackerism is defined and proposed..a "call to arms" if you will, which is an ask of the community to pivot from traditional notions of cyber security, to the ability to leverage, break and protect A.I… which for most of us, is a new dimension, and a new challenge, that MUST be considered. It is a problem we must solve PRIOR to…"the singularity" upon us.


Solomon Smith, COO, ProCircular
Speaker Bio:

As Chief Operating Officer for ProCircular, Solomon leverages over 15 years of leading security programs and helping large government, insurance, and educational industries reduce risk. His experience ranges from designing and implementing large scale security programs to governance to compliance to security awareness to data loss prevention. Solomon has an MBA in Technology Management, memberships with multiple professional security organizations, and a CISSP. He also teaches MBA courses in business development, management, and information technology. Solomon consistently is learning and expanding his industry knowledge with hands on research at conferences like SANS, Blackhat, and DefCon. He has a passion to share experiences, stories, and threats so others can be more aware of the global risks and become better protected. When Solomon isn’t working he is spending time with his family and 3 kids or doing projects around the house.
CISO Panel

Richard Thieme (neuralcowboy), Keynote Speaker and Author
Speaker Bio:

Richard Thieme (www.thiemeworks.com) is an author and professional speaker focused on the deeper implications of technology, religion, and science for twenty-first century life. He speaks professionally about the challenges posed by new technologies and the future, how to redesign ourselves to meet these challenges, and creativity in response to radical change. His speaking generally addresses “the human in the machine,” technology-related security and intelligence issues as they come home to humanity.

Thieme's early and creative use of the Internet to reach global markets earned accolades around the world. He is a member of the “cyber avant-garde,” according to CNN … "a prominent American techno-philosopher" according to LAN Magazine (Australia) … “a father figure for online culture,” according to the (London) Sunday Telegraph … "a keen observer of hacker attitudes and behaviors" according to Le Monde (Paris) … "one of the most creative minds of the digital generation" according to the editors of CTHEORY and Digital Delirium … "an online pundit of hacker culture" according to the L A Times … and “extremely subtle and deep” according to the Linux Journal.

Thieme has published widely. Translated into German, Chinese, Japanese, Slovene, Dutch, Hebrew, Danish and Indonesian, his articles are taught at universities in Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States. His work has been frequently anthologized. His column, "Islands in the Clickstream," was published in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Toronto, Djakarta, Dublin and Capetown and distributed to thousands of subscribers in 60 countries. Syngress, a division of Elsevier, published a collection in 2004.

Thieme spoke for the twenty-first year for the Black Hat Briefings (intelligence and corporate security) and Def Con (Def Con 4 – Def Con 24), an annual computer hackers' convention. as well as Black Hat Windows – Seattle, Black Hat Amsterdam, and for BH at GITEX in Dubai (he keynoted the first 2 Black Hats). He provided three keynotes for the CSO Perspectives Road Show in Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney Australia in September 2014. He engaged in a “fireside chat” with Dan Geer, CISO of CIA’s In-Q-Tel, as a keynote for SOURCE Boston 2013. He keynoted Thotcon – Chicago in 2014. He has spoken for security conferences such as Troopers (Heidelberg Germany), Toor Con, PumpCon, Interz0ne West, SecurityOPUS, Xmas Con (New Orleans 2600), RubiCon, HiverCon (Dublin), ShmooCon, NotaCon and RootFest. He keynoted Hacker Halted in Miami in 2012. He keynoted AUSCERT in Brisbane, Australia in 2005 2006 and 2007. He was invited to keynote again in 2011 and invited to do talks for local AUSCERT events in Perth and Brisbane in 2014. He keynoted govcert in The Hague in 2006 and in Rotterdam in 2009 and 2010. He keynoted Wireless Australia and the ID Management Summit in Sydney. He keynoted Microsoft Tech Ed in consecutive years in Eilat, Israel, and shared the keynote platform at MIS InfoSecWorld with Bob Woodward and NBC’s Roger Cressey. In 2007 he keynoted conferences in Auckland and Wellington NZ and was invited to return to keynote a corporate/government security conference in Wellington. He keynoted IT Defense in Berlin in 2009 and ReCon, a conference on reverse engineering, in Montreal Quebec in 2010. In May 2011 he spoke for the regional Infragard/ISSA Chicago quarterly meeting and keynoted the ITWeb Security Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa and Hack in the Box in Amsterdam. He provided a closing keynote for eComm in San Francisco (“a TED talks for communications”) in 2011. He keynoted Hack in the Box – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2011, 2013, and 2014. He keynoted conferences in spring 2015 on metadata for the University of Texas – San Antonio and for Infosec Southwest in Austin Texas. He keynoted CONFidence in Krakow, Poland and Haxpo in Amsterdam in May 2015. In October 2015 he keynoted CornCon in Davenport Iowa and will return to speak in 2016. Also in 2015 he spoke at BruCon in Ghent, Belgium and keynoted Code Blue in Tokyo Japan. In 2016 he spoke at Bodyhacking 2016 in Austin, keynoted misc.con in Minneapolis, and keynoted SOURCE Boston (and will keynote SOURCE Dublin and SOURCE Seattle as well as speak at COSAC/SABSA in Ireland.) He has also been invited to speak in Oslo, Warsaw, Bucharest, Sao Paulo, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Beijing, Bangalore and New Delhi.

In Canada, in addition to keynoting ReCon (Montreal), he keynoted the Privacy and Information Security Congress 2011 (Ottawa), the 13th Annual Privacy & Security Conference 2011 in Victoria B.C. and lectured on “Designing the Future” at the University of Calgary in 2013 as an invited speaker in their “Design Matters” Lecture Series. He keynoted the 17th Annual Privacy and Security Conference in Victoria BC in 2016 and moderated a panel on biohacking.

He spoke in London in August 2012 for “The Real Truth: A World’s Fair,” hosted by the Raven Row Gallery and curated by Suzznne Treister of Hexen fame, closing an edgy project about surveillance, national security, and the future and how we view these new views of ourselves. He also keynoted a conference on "Untimely Stories" at the Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz Poland on how European artists might reimagine “Europe” as prior conceptualizations disintegrate.

Clients include: National Security Agency; the Pentagon; the FBI (internal presentation + 3 Infragard conferences); the US Secret Service; Los Alamos National Laboratory; US Department of the Treasury; GE Medical Systems; Medtronic; Microsoft; Johnson Controls; Thunderbird School of Global Management; IT Defense (Berlin); Ajilon; OmniTech; Strong Capital Management; Neohapsis; Network Flight Recorder; Merge eFilm; System Planning Corporation (SPC); International Intelligence Ethics Association; Cypress Systems; Ross Systems; Institute for Applied Network Security (IANS); Information Systems Security Assn. (ISSA); Assn. for Investment Management and Research (AIMR); Alliant Energy; Wisconsin Electric; UOP; Firstar Bank; Financial Services – Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC); Psynapse/Center for the Advancement of Intelligent Systems; MAPICS; MIS Training Institute WebSec, HealthSec, and InfoSec Conferences; Influent Technology Group; Case Management Society of America); The CMA Group; Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co.; Advanced Health Care; Navy Federal Credit Union; Arthur Andersen; Credit Union Executives Society; Graduate School of Banking; Allstate Insurance; American Council of Life Insurance; Conference of State Legislatures; Society for Technical Communication; the Attorney General of the State of Wisconsin; the Governor’s Conference on Economic Development; numerous colleges and universities, including the U of Wisconsin (Madison, Eau Claire, Milwaukee, Parkside, Washington County and Stout campuses) and the University of Wisconsin – Waukesha Distinguished Lecture Series; University Research Park; Marquette University; Loyola University – Chicago, University of Chicago – Ryerson Astronomical Society; University of Calgary; Alverno College; Cardinal Stritch University; Wisconsin Medical College; Illinois Institute of Technology; Purdue University – CERIAS; the Technology, Literacy and Culture Distinguished Speakers Series of the University of Texas; and as the Nathan B. Stubblefield Distinguished Lecturer in Telecommunications Systems Management at Murray State University. He keynoted a conference on meta-data for the University of Texas – San Antonio in March 2015.


A Richard Thieme Reader – a 5-volume e-book anthology of fiction and non-fiction on Kindle, spring 2016

FOAM – a novel (Exurban Press: September 2015)
Mind Games, A Collection of Nineteen Stories of Brave New Worlds and Alternate Realities Duncan Long Publications, April 2010
Richard Thieme’s Islands in the Clickstream, a collection of non-fiction, Syngress Publishing (a division of Elsevier), July 2004.
UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry (Anomalist Books: San Antonio, TX: 2012) by Michael Swords and Robert Powell, with Richard Thieme, Clas Svahn, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Bill Chalker, Barry Greenwood, Jan Aldrich, and Steve Purcell – a team effort by a collection of veteran UFO historians and researchers who spent four plus years researching, consulting, writing, and editing to develop a work of historical scholarship on government response to the UFO phenomenon from WWII to the present. Recommended by CHOICE for inclusion in all academic libraries, currently in 50+ university and many public libraries..
“Silent Emergent, Doubly Dark” in Subtle Edens (editor Allen Ashley, Elastic Press: Norwich UK: 2008)
"I Remember Mama" in New Writing, Volume One: An Anthology of Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, and Drama From Press Americana (2013)
“Entering Sacred Digital Space” published in New Paradigms for Bible Study: The Bible in the Third Millennium from T. & T. Clark, Ltd., June 2004.
“Identity/Destiny” published in Prophecy Anthology, Volume 1" a full-color book featuring sequential art by artists such as Shannon Wheeler, Scott McCloud, Sho Murase, Yuko Shimizu, Nathan Fox and Bernie Mireault by Sequent Media (2004).
"The Changing Context of Intelligence and Ethics: Enabling Technologies as Transformational Engines" in Defense Intelligence Journal (accepted). Published in an adapted version in the proceedings of the New Paradigms for Security Workshop (NPSW 2008) and at the Ethical Spectacle (January 2009 – www.spectacle.org/ as “Changing Contexts of Security and Ethics: You Can’t Have One Without the Other.”

Presentation Title:

Biohacking: A Voyage on the High Seas without GPS or Sextant or Stars

Presentation Abstract:
Distinguishing the transhumanist hype from the sane science is not always easy. Then add the antics of real hackers to the mix – adventuresome sometimes reckless souls who want to tease out of a complex system ways to make it do what it was never designed to do, sometimes something playful, sometimes something malevolent. Biohacking is now established as the number one go-to domain for R&D in intelligence and counter-terrorism and a source of sleepless nights for those protecting food, humans, all other animals and plants, from mischief. And yes, we are well on the way to becoming another species – if mutants among us have not already taken that step.

Philip K. Dick was called a paranoid psychotic. But now we are living inside one of his novels. From "Scanner Darkly" to "Androids Dreaming of Electric Sheep," the future he imagined is already past, and the present is full of "unknown unknowns." Take a walk on the wild side with Richard Thieme in this challenging keynote and be sure to bring your towel.

Richard Thieme recently spoke at Def Con for the 21st straight year. An author and professional illuminator of dark alleys, he has been addressing edgy issues for 23 years, traveling the globe and engaging with his betters, who teach him everything he knows. Whether speaking to the NSA about the chill wind blowing from their antics or keynoting Code Blue in Tokyo with "Fiction is the Only Way to Tell the Truth," he makes the hyper-real real with insights and speculation and suggests strategies for staying more or less sane in a crazy world. As one enlightened author put it, "The situation is hopeless, but not serious." So buckle up and enjoy the ride.


Aaron R. Warner, Chief Executive Officer and Lead Security Strategist at ProCircular, Inc.
Speaker Bio:

Aaron Warner served as the Chief Information Officer with Integrated DNA Technologies as a part of more than twenty years. With a great team of very bright people, IDT was able to grow from thirteen employees to over nine hundred, from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars, and operated facilities in all worldwide geographies and serving over 95,000 customers in life sciences.

IDT sold to 95,000+ customers worldwide, ranging from the largest pharma companies to academic labs to cutting edge biotech. Each provided IDT with their most valuable and sensitive intellectual property to place an order, and all expected confidentiality and integrity. Protecting that information alongside IDT's own corporate IP was one of Mr. Warner's main areas of focus.

Aaron recently left IDT to launch ProCircular, Inc., a full-service information security and privacy firm dedicated to helping organizations improve the health of their security programs and ready them to better adapt to an ever-changing threat landscape. These customers can take advantage of years of strategic and technical experience and apply it to their own organizations, large and small.

He’s a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and certified Securiity+ engineer, a full member of the FBI's Infragard partnership and earned an MBA from the Tippie School at the University of Iowa. He’s the proud father of two five-year-old children, Emily and Isaac, and shares the best parts of life with his wife and best friend Heather Warner. In his free time Aaron enjoys cave diving, back-country hiking, a nice bottle of wine a good Vonnegut or Kerouac novel.

Presentation Title:

Biotech Threat Landscape: Living Between Crosshairs

Presentation Abstract:

Biotech is an interesting place to inhabit for those of us tasked with protecting property. It’s an industry populated by individuals from a variety of different disciplines, all of whom have different opinions on the definition of property. There are members of these organizations that are protective of the property of the organization and were trained with a more traditional understanding of property.

The order for many custom reagents is in itself a valuable piece of customer IP. In order to complete the customer’s request, when paired with the customer’s identity, the product itself can speak volumes about the area in which the customer is working and how they’re going about solving the challenge at hand. This may be a pharmaceutical company working on a next-generation drug, a diagnostics firm developing a test for a disease, or a BioAgriculture company developing their next line of seeds. In all cases the order itself has to be treated as highly confidential.

I'd like to present on the unique aspects of data protection in the world of biotechnology and life sciences. This would include some of the data types involved, unique customer requirements, regulatory concerns and a few "scrubbed" examples of corporate espionage attempts.


Bob West, Managing Director, CareWorks Tech
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Bob is Managing Director at CareWorks Tech and has over 30 years of experience in corporate and startup environments. Bob is a frequent speaker on the subject of information security and risk, intellectual property theft, cloud computing, mobility, and on global policy issues such as payment fraud and critical infrastructure. Bob is on the board of directors at the Global Identity Foundation and the USA Track and Field Foundation. He has been on the advisory boards for Agilance, Air Patrol, CipherCloud, the Trusteer. He has also been on the board of management for the Jericho Forum, the University of Detroit Mercy’s College of Liberal Arts and Education advisory board, Securent’s advisory board, TriCipher’s advisory board, a member of RSA Security’s Customer Advisory Council, and the ISS Customer Advisory Council.

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A Strategic Approach to Cloud Adoption

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Corporations have several significant motivators to understand and adopt cloud computing as part of their technology strategy. However, most organizations have concerns about the security issues associated with cloud environments. This presentation will provide an overview of strategic adoption issues, security issues and recommendations about how to move forward in adopting cloud computing as a strategic technology asset.