Aaron R. Warner, CEO & Lead Security Strategist, ProCircular, Inc.

Aaron Warner served as the Chief Information Officer with Integrated DNA Technologies as a part of more than twenty years. With a great team of very bright people, IDT was able to grow from thirteen employees to over nine hundred, from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars, and operated facilities in all worldwide geographies and serving over 95,000 customers in life sciences.

IDT sold to 95,000+ customers worldwide, ranging from the largest pharma companies to academic labs to cutting edge biotech. Each provided IDT with their most valuable and sensitive intellectual property to place an order, and all expected confidentiality and integrity. Protecting that information alongside IDT’s own corporate IP was one of Mr. Warner’s main areas of focus.

Aaron recently left IDT to launch ProCircular, Inc., a full-service information security and privacy firm dedicated to helping organizations improve the health of their security programs and ready them to better adapt to an ever-changing threat landscape. These customers can take advantage of years of strategic and technical experience and apply it to their own organizations, large and small.

He’s a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and certified Securiity+ engineer, a full member of the FBI’s Infragard partnership and earned an MBA from the Tippie School at the University of Iowa. He’s the proud father of two young children, Emily and Isaac, and shares the best parts of life with his wife and best friend Heather Warner. In his free time Aaron enjoys cave diving, back-country hiking, a nice bottle of wine a good Vonnegut or Kerouac novel.